“A Fistful of Flowers” Soy Wax Candle (Glass)


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Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli


“She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb.” – Rahul Singh

Our mood when creating this mindblowing combination of sweet and powerful? Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve. Reese Witherspoon as Elle in Legally Blonde. Pam Grier as Foxy Brown. We’re serving up an explosion of ripe fruit, as sweet as nectar, backed up with a floral punch that will knock the Monday blues into next week.

The fragrance we’ve concocted is a heady mix – Yorkshire damson plums at their ripest, twisted with the floral, intoxicating scent of roses and cut through with exotic patchouli, fresh from the tradewinds. It’s the Garden of Eden in a jar – only had Eve been in this kind of mood, she’d have spin-kicked the apple down the serpent’s neck and grabbed Adam for a garden party.