Fused Glass Craft Box – Rainbow Flower Suncatcher


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If you are interested in learning a new skill or hobby then the Fused Glass Craft Box – Rainbow Flower Suncatcher could be for you!

This DIY craft box is an enjoyable and satisfying way to destress and practice self-care. Whether you are on your own or would like to do a project with the family this fun little kit is great to do. It is also perfect as a gift or to create a homemade product with a cosy ‘hygge-at-home’ feel.

The Craft Boxes are equipped with everything you need to make a fused glass suncatcher, all done within the luxury of your own home.   It’s also perfect as a present as the letterbox design package allows you to send this kit through the post.

How it works

Complete the Craft Box as per the easy-to-read instructions and designs, or if you are feeling really creative, create a design of your own.

When you have completed your design project you simply return the kit to the fused glass studio, by using the return label and postage stamps which are included.

Your design will be fired in a kiln to create the finished piece.

Once fired the finished item will be returned to you by post.

Age Range

This gift is suitable for most age ranges from 5 onwards and upwards to the ripe old age of 100 plus!  This little Craft Box is a  great introduction to creating a basic fused glass piece, without the heavy investment of a kiln.

What is included in the Craft Box?

Each Craft Box contains a clear base glass (10cm x 10cm), various coloured glass pieces (known as frit), glue, paintbrush, tweezers and a spoon. In some kits, depending on the design chosen, other accessory glass such as stringers are included.

Full instruction and guidance notes are also included.