“Pillow Fight” Soy Wax Candle (Frosted Glass)


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Fresh Cotton with Lily & Orchid


“I love doing laundry! Except for washing it, putting it in the dryer, taking it out and folding it, ironing and then putting it away.” – Anonymous

Show us a person who lives for doing the household’s laundry and we’ll prove they’re a liar. Show us a person who lives for the smell of fresh laundry, and we’d bet that we’re looking in a mirror. Whether it’s the Daz Doorstep Challenge, Radion Automatic, Persil, Ariel or Lenor, there’s something that takes you back to childhood…coincidentally when your bed sheets and towels were washed by someone else and all you had was that blissful, fresh-out-of-the-meadow smell as you snuggled down to sleep at night.

So we’ve created a candle that a) smells exactly that good without you having to so much as touch a sweaty sock; and b) will fill your home and heart with the joy of fresh cotton, lilies and orchids.

Okay, it’s cheating…but that pile of washing can wait until tomorrow, right?