Rainbow Heart Suncatcher


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The wishing stick concept is based on a legend of 1926, which states a small boy found a coloured piece of glass on a mill floor.  With curiosity, he held it up to the light and the sun shone through creating wonderful displays of coloured rays all around him. So magical was this he made a wish upon the piece of glass which to his amazement it came true!

Instantly add a little colour to your window. This little suncatcher is made from transparent coloured glass which is fused together with embellishments to add additional interest and depth to this cheerful piece.  This hanging decoration comes with a hanging ribbon. Ideal for a little gift if you are looking for something a little special.

The wishing stick is presented in a gift box and includes a personal message which says:

To make a wish:

Put this little wishing stick

Upon your windowsill

As the sun lights up your glass

Make a wish or two.

Now watch the glass in its glory

As the sun shines through with its rays

I hope your wishes now come true

As the legend did in its day.

The wishing stick is 15x2cm in size.