Traditionally Made Yorkshire Kefir (Strawberry Smoothie)


22-Day Supply (8 x 500ml Bottles of Strawberry Smoothie Kefir)

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This refreshing, extremely health beneficial and scientifically tested Strawberry Smoothie Kefir has been traditionally made using FRESH LIVE KEFIR GRAINS, locally sourced Yorkshire Cows milk and 100% natural fruit puree.

Only by making it in this traditional way (using live kefir grains) will you ensure that you are drinking high quality kefir with at least 100 billion live bacteria per 100ml (as opposed to the supermarket-bought kefir, which is made using powered live grains, is very low in quality and contains only around 1 billion live bacteria per 100ml).

The fermentation process of the Cows milk makes it suitable for people suffering from Lactose intolerance.