“Who Gives A Fig” Soy Wax Candle (Glass)


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Californian Black Fig & Vetiver


Palm treesocean breezesalty airsun-kissed hair – that endless summertake me there!” – Anonymous

We’ve travelled the world, but nothing comes close to that golden coast. And so, when we found ourselves California dreaming on a winter’s day, we knew we had to capture that mood like lightning in a bottle for you to experience.

This scent has all the rich, sun-drenched fruit of the Napa Valley combined with the fresh, wild grasslands of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s that sense of unlimited possibilities, that lust for adventure and excitement that shines from Hollywood to the Golden Gate Bridge. We can’t always hop on that long-haul flight to be there – so luxuriating in a West Coast mood is our next best thing!